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When asked to write an article about when we “Noran Arabians” (the Wall family) started, it made us reflect back a number of years to 1969.  Yes 1969!!!  What a journey.  The Arabian horse has given our whole family a fantastic ride, along with the friends we have made all over the world.

     1969 saw Norm (then Nancy’s long term boyfriend) heading off to do his National Service based in Sydney.  Norm to this day still says that this was the only lottery numbers he has ever won.  With time off, sitting on their hands, Norm and a couple of mates started weekend joints out around Sydney….Looking.  The first horse farm they visited was a Standardbred training farm of Lou Cini.  On reflection their thoughts sometimes dwell on where Noran’s future may have gone to if Norm and the boys had not discovered Ralvon Arab Stud.  Ron invited Norm back for another visit Noran Arabians future was set.  Norm did his apprenticeship at Ralvon and has never forgotten that wonderful start over the many years that followed.  Visiting Ron and Val Males last weekend re-enforced to Norm and Nancy how you should reflect and thank those that helped you in the start to do your apprenticeship.  Each person starts an apprenticeship with someone within the horse industry.  Ron and Val Males of Ralvon Arabians are well known all over the world as horsemen extraordinaire, breeders of quality Arabians especially the magnificent Ralvon Pilgrim.  Norm worked and learned a lot while at Ralvon with the Males family.  A lot of their ethics and philosophies have carried through over the many enjoyable and successful years of Noran, continuing even now into the next generation of Noran 
(Ralvon reflections)
     Norans next step came with a letter to Nancy with Norm stating “I have just bought an Arab colt”.  Whenever Nancy speculates back to their start she laughingly states the family often blame Norm for “starting it all. It’s Norm’s fault that they have horses!”  Norm’s first purchase was Razik, chosen by Norm because of his superb temperament.    This colt’s sire was the stallion Rikham imported as a foundation sire of Polo X horses for the Hurst family.  This colt’s dam was the wonderful endurance mare Razzanna.  Razik is the youngest horse to complete a Quilty as his dam was unknowingly pregnant when she completed her last Quilty endurance ride.  What a start for Razik for his future as a saddle Arabian, a legend in W. A.  Razik was bred by Ron and Val Males and the legendary R.M. Williams a partnership that then was transferred to Norm and Nancy Wall Noran Arabians.  The rest is now history for the Wall family.
(Razik’s story)
(R.M. a friendship)


The beginning of the Wall Family
      Along the trail of the Arabian horse family Norm and Nancy found time to attend their all white wedding and some 250 guests at a huge Banquet, enjoying time with friends and family celebrating their marriage.   What a night that was, still recalled by some.   After some three years of “playing” horses along came Kylie and Stanley, quite close together.  Two redheads that looked like their dad and became very well known by many on the show circuit.  Unmistakably the Wall children.
(Kylie Wall with a Business Degree, Veterinary Nursing Degree,  working for Larhill Equine Vet Hospital has her own varied story to tell. International travel, training horses in England and U.S.A. heavily involved in Noran’s past, present and definitely Noran’s future)
(Stanley Wall has his Process Engineering degree and although he has strayed a little from the Noran horse life, his partner Fiona is involved in horses and maybe the grandchildren will make their own story in the future for Noran Arabians)
Noran was at this stage on 600 acres west of Mandurah where Noran ran at times up to 65 head of horses, saddle breaking, halter training, agisting, breeding mares, you name it they did it.  This was in Norm’s spare time as he worked and Nancy was horses and kids fulltime.  The farm also ran 100 breeder cattle and 200 sheep.  What a busy life for all.
(Nambeelup story)
     Norans first purebred Arabian mare was Melara Ar-Ra-Ba a Sindh based mare in the mid 70’s.  Interestingly back then this mare’s purchase price was the same as a brand new motor car.  Norm and Nancy’s parents had all thought that their children had both lost the plot.  This mare’s first foal for Noran was the Count Cordova daughter Noran Kyan (named after Kylie and Stan the Wall children).  Kyan made her own history and is still the base of Noran Arabians highly successful broodmare band.
(Noran Kyan’s story)

Noran have always tried to stay in the middle of the road in their breeding programme staying with their own ideals.  Not been swayed by fads and trends along the way, but still moving with the times to stay at the top successfully.  Consistency and predictability have always been important in the breeding barn.  Norm and Nancy bred their own broodmares over the many years of purchasing and standing the best predictable breeding    stallions where possible.  These stallions were chosen to add their qualities to the strong broodmare base.   Noran has been there in the high times, 8 imported Arabians, 7 stallions and some 65 mares a year through the farm and up to 18 foals a year.  What busy times they were.  With Norm’s ability to read the future a bit and see coming changes and trends Noran started to scale down a little.  Having been on the Keysbrook property starting from a total bush farm to where it is today and that is a story on its own, Norm’s job started him travelling the world.

( HAYID Imp - Spain-
Junior Champion of Spain)

     Then a huge change for Noran, Norm shifted to California U.S.A. for almost 2 years. Kylie came home to help run the farm so Nancy could travel too.  It is these times when family rally for family that Norm and Nancy reflect on what their two wonderful children have done with them along the way with the Arabian horse. Stan at university helped Nancy run the farm while Kylie was in England, Europe and U.S.A. training horses and Norm with lengthy stays in the U.S.A.  It was such a hectic time for the whole family, but they were there for each other as this family always is. Kylie now working at a veterinary clinic, with a huge part of her life today totally dedicated to riding and working with these wonderful horses. Stan now a Process Engineer who laughingly says he tolerates the horses but is always there to help when needed to do a horsy job.  Norm and Nancy are very very proud of the two beautiful adults their children have become.

     Making the most of this opportunity Norm and Nancy saw as much as possible in the U.S. with stud visits seminars world wide, big shows, you name it they did it learning more and more all the time. (U.S.A. life another story)   Norm and Nancy always with their eyes open saw the opportunity to bring something else to their horse industry. Making horse gear part-time the Walls designed and made strong but sort after show Cable halters and leads, made to order for Arabians, Miniature Ponies, Palominos and other breeds. Nancy’s show ring leads made to any length and colour have replaced the leather leads as they are non-slip and do not break.  The Norm Wall’s Rope training halter and leads have been around now for 20 years and still used by many.  A must in the training and breeding barn for most breeds today.

      About 5 years ago Norm and Nancy started to scale down a little on breeding numbers but still staying a force to recon with in the show ring.   Noran have always shown a large number of show horses belonging to many clients over the years (often of other breeds as well) with several of their own along the way.  Norm, Nancy and Kylie get a thrill from helping a client train their horse, to then see them capably and confidently   show their own horse.  Noran has been involved in many of  the Arabian Promotions over the years, Race day exhibitions, Xmas parades through Perth city, you name it Noran bred and trained horses have been there to Promote the Arabian Horse breed and it’s temperament to the world for 30 years.  This includes approximately 17 years of committee work., two associations, evolving the now State titles, $2,000 futurity, Halter training seminars, Breeding seminars, Stud promotion farm Open Days, Editing newsletters, Articles for magazines eg Arabian News and Arabian Express.  (That is a huge story on its own)
     Always prepared to help anyone who asks, the Wall family Norm, Nancy, Kylie and Stan, are ever ready to help and support anyone along the way.  The family at Noran Arabians want people to enjoy the journey of association with the Arabian horse. “Enjoy”

“It’s the journey that’s important not the destination'                                           

Razik competing Trail Class

NORAN ARABIANS   (Since 1970)